o_klyueva (o_klyueva) wrote,

Падение империи

 Закон развития человечества - кочевать в те места где пищи больше и можно вырастить больше потомков.
Против природы не попрешь. Жизненное пространство захватывают те у кого больше потомков.

Britain’s population continues to soar, new statistics recently revealed, but the enormous extent to which this growth is down to mass migration has now been revealed by a study by the Migration Watch pressure group, who claim on average in the 15 years between 2001 and 2016 82 per cent of growth was down to migrants.

Taking both the numbers of migrants settling into the United Kingdom annually and the number of children born to first-generation immigrant parents, the study found that of the 6.6 million new people added to the country over the period, 5.4 million were migrants or their children. As reported by Breitbart London in 2017, over a third of all babies born the previous year had at least one foreign-born parent.


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